SuSanA - Forum Kunena Site Syndication Sun, 23 Nov 2014 10:35:59 +0000 Kunena 1.6 SuSanA - Forum en-gb Re: Using Diatoms to remove Ammonia and as a food source for fish. - by: Bhaskar A little bit of engineering would be required depending on the nature of the effluent.
If it is only domestic sewage, with little industrial effluent, then it would be very easy to use it to grow fish.

If a lot of industrial effluent is mixed in then the water may contain heavy metals, etc. and these may enter the food chain if fish are grown.

A two tank / pond or three tank / pond system can be used to treat the effluent in stages to bring it to a quality in which fish can be grown.

Or if the diatoms are grown in one pond and harvested and transferred to a fish pond, the cost of harvesting would have to be factored in.]]>
Production of insect biomass from excreta or organic waste Sun, 23 Nov 2014 08:45:09 +0000
Re: Reply: New video on Managing Feces in Sacks, plus online interview on UDDTs - by: denniskl
Hope for lots of feedback from SuSana readers when I put out out there

Was just in a native village in Malaysia today; sanitation probably typical - flush toilets, no nutrient collection and re-use (of course) and uncertainty reigns as to where it all goes!!!

Useful day though; now know that one of the first priorities is to understand the power structures in place (community leaders, leadership type - inherited or elected etc - the informal power centres, the conflicts and the cliques).

This place (500 people, men still go to jungle every day for gathering, women make crafts and mind house) had lots of well meaning development people come in and out, but little progress - because the tok batin (headman) had an issue with an outsider who had married a village woman and was progressive, but because of the tok batin personal conflict, all projects were undermined and blocked.

Focus now (before tackling any sanitation issues and changes) is to bring the power people together and get them sorted out (or at least willing to tolerate each other and not kill something because the others involved)

great learning day]]>
Urine diversion systems (includes UDDT and UD flush toilet) Sun, 23 Nov 2014 08:12:23 +0000
Re: Reply: New video on Managing Feces in Sacks, plus online interview on UDDTs - by: canaday
Great idea . It could be offered with or without the privacy structure, as some people may already have a privacy structure and others are extremely poor and maybe are happy with palm fronds stuck into the ground for privacy.

One thing. Waste usage is a contradiction in terms. Let's say nutrient recycling or fertilizer application.

Let me know how I can help.

Best wishes,
Urine diversion systems (includes UDDT and UD flush toilet) Sun, 23 Nov 2014 05:29:00 +0000
squat for money - by: christoph
Very interesting - impressive sales numbers - never expected that.

tried to put it from the right minute it did not work - you have to watch it from 20:26 on.

have a look if you have time for 5 min.

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Re: Festival toilets in Europe (Great Britain, France, Germany, ...) - by: Kevinkuhn
I just saw this topic recently and think I should also introduce my company for composting toilets for festivals.

We are EcoToiletten (German for Ecotoilets) and are based in Berlin. We started in 2013 and did 50 Events in our area so far and gained a lot of experience from that. We see a great potential in Germany for composting toilets, because most of the users are very much aware of the "green" topics. Also the user feedback was very good.

But there are some drawbacks or barriers at the moment here in Germany:

1) is that the system is fairly new for everyone, since rentals are just up for 2-3 years.
2) all the companies are still very small and can´t fully supply bigger events
3) the competition with conventional toilets is very though, especially for construction sites (which is actually the largest market for Dixi and Co.)
4) there is insufficient regulation about treatment of feaces and administrations are very risk averse or unaware of secure treatment methods
5) lack of capital for those small market players

@Florent: It is good to see, that the scene in France is well-connected. Actually in Germany we are also about to improve our network throughout all the companies. The aim needs to be to prove the benefits of the concept of ecological toilets and to increase the volume of feacal matter. It´s good to hear, that natural event was successful with that plan and convinced the EPA in UK. Something similar should be possible here in Germany.

I also wrote a blogpost on Jürgens Website, Saniblog, at the beginning of the year about portable toilets in Germany.

Mobile or portable solutions, public toilets Sat, 22 Nov 2014 14:48:04 +0000
Re: New video!! Innovation in Urban Sanitation: FaME and U-ACT research in Sub-Saharan Africa - by: christoph
especially the way towards use for burning seems an interesting approach, I think this depends VERY much on how we can bring costs down for drying. If that is possible it might be THE solution.

Thank you.
Faecal sludge management Sat, 22 Nov 2014 13:11:22 +0000
Invention Gets Wastewater to Wash Itself - by: mwaniki
‘Invention Gets Wastewater to Wash Itself’

A new invention known as a Virtual Curtain tries to take some of the effort out of treating wastewater by enlisting contaminants as cleaning agents.

This article may be found in the Africa Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Nov – Dec 2014 edition posted in the forum just the other day. It first appeared in Water Online and has been reprinted with permission.

You may view this edition via this link or . You can also download a pdf version via

Regards / Mwaniki]]>
Health, hygiene and disability issues Sat, 22 Nov 2014 12:09:24 +0000
Re: New video!! Innovation in Urban Sanitation: FaME and U-ACT research in Sub-Saharan Africa - by: ben
Thanks fo sharing, and congratulation to the Eawag team you're always very good at sharing knowledge and research through nice videos and publications.

I'd be curious to know how much you increased the rate of trucks de-sludging in facilities making them free access. In Phnom penh where law inforcment was totally ineffective cause only the cost of fuel (+ time consumed) going to the plant would make them de-sludge everywhere. Looking forward to read the full report.

Good luck for all,

Faecal sludge management Sat, 22 Nov 2014 09:38:09 +0000
Re: Short recap of IWA conference on sustainable wastewater treatment and nutrient recovery in Kathmandu - by: Marijn Zandee
Separated storm-water sewers with decentralized infiltration are usually discarded because of seemingly much higher costs. However this rarely takes into consideration the larger impacts on the overall water cycle and dropping ground-water tables (and salt-water intrusion in coastal cities).
I think most of the experts agree on this though, it is more of an issue that budget allocation usually goes for the "cheaper" option.

I think this is especially true in a place like Nepal, where 85% of the annual precip falls in a 3.5 month period. If we can locally infiltrate storm water, the waste water treatment solutions (centralized or de-centralized) could be designed so much more efficiently.

Processing technologies for excreta or faecal sludge Sat, 22 Nov 2014 07:39:09 +0000
Ultra Simple Drip Free Water Rationing and Dispensing System - by: Amos
Below are some diagrams of a water dispensing and rationing system which I developed last summer. It possibly could do good in many places in preventing the spreading of disease . Feel free to share it or use it. I am using one in my own shop as I do not have running water in it.

Urine diversion systems (includes UDDT and UD flush toilet) Fri, 21 Nov 2014 23:05:52 +0000
Director of Program Quality- Water for All - by: nazimuddin
Please see below a job posting by Water for All.


Water For People is an unconventional, progressive nonprofit organization that believes that the global water and sanitation crisis can be solved with boldness, ambition, honesty and transparency. We are an organization of field workers who have grown tired of the stale rhetoric and complacent programming that dominates the sector. We are looking for new ways to transform lives around the world through innovative approaches that lead to lasting and meaningful change.

Water For People is currently recruiting for the position of Director of Program Quality to lead their International Programs team at their headquarters in Denver, Colorado. This position reports to the Vice President of International Programs. Oral and written Spanish language skills are required for this position.

BACKGROUND AND POSITION OBJECTIVE: Water For People has developed an initiative called Everyone Forever (EF) that is unique in the water sector in its scope and ambition. EF means every family, every school, and every clinic where we work will enjoy an adequate level of water and sanitation service that will be maintained for generations. By building from early successes and forming national coalitions, Water For People envisions nothing less than the end of water poverty in the countries in which we are working and beyond.

The Director of Program Quality will provide strategic leadership and guidance to the IP department in Denver, Colorado, with direct line management of Senior Managers of Monitoring and Evaluation, Finance and WASH Institutions, Sanitation, and Grant Management. This unit is responsible for the organization’s monitoring program and coordinating the provision of programmatic support in all specialist fields, for the achievement of EF and sustainable sanitation programs in each country. The position of Water Resource Management (WRM) specialist is currently vacant so the post-holder will be responsible for driving this element of work, in the interim.

This team plays a vital role in providing information about programmatic progress and identifying areas for improvement. The program provides key tools for the organization to describe its impact to the wider world, and team members are key advocates and spokespeople for the organization. The post holder will personally be a key communicator externally for the organization as well.

This position will be responsible for building internal understanding of EF and sustainable sanitation, and s/he will work closely with the Vice President of International Programs, Regional Managers, and Country Directors.

In Denver, this position will sit on the Denver Leadership Council, and provide a voice and link for IP staff in Denver to that group. The post holder is a key resource for colleagues in Resource Development and Marketing & Communications staff, in particular, supporting Denver departments in the communication of EF and Sustainable Sanitation initiatives and challenges to taking them forward.

S/he will demonstrate clear understanding of organizational priorities, mission, vision, values and strategic goals and objectives, as well as trust and teamwork in all aspects of Water For People business. The position requires the ability to work on issues of people management, program planning and development, capacity building, technology and behavior change, partnerships and advocacy.

• Highly accountable with the ability to deliver results in a fast-paced, collaborative, global team culture.
• Must have well-developed written, oral, interpersonal, and negotiation communication skills with a high degree of sensitivity for confidentiality, and experience in working within a multi-cultural environment.
• Must be task-oriented with an excellent sense of priority, logic and objectivity, highly organized and capable of handling a number of sensitive, confidential, and important issues simultaneously while responding to unanticipated developments.
• Must have the experience and analytical skills necessary to be able to make decisions in support of the overall mission.

• Manage unit members.
• Understand and develop the mechanisms through which Water For People describes its impact
• Help to identify and coordinate technical support in relation to program gaps globally, especially in relation to concepts and ideas underpinning EF and sustainable sanitation.
• Monitor spending of all unit budgets on a monthly basis.
• Develop Water For People’s programmatic understanding of EF, including the key challenges and costs associated with the approach, as a tool for “evidence-based advocacy”, and develop a basis for demonstrating value for money from our investments. Effectively communicate this understanding internally and to specific external audiences, through written pieces, presentations, and on field trips.
• Support the development of an organizational strategy for restricted resource development from institutional donors, in the US, in collaboration with Senior Grant Manager, RD and in Water For People’s country programs, helping to strategize around opportunities and capacity needs to capitalize on those.
• Provide other technical support to programs in field of specialization.
• Other duties as assigned by VP International Programs.

• A manager of people, with experience of mentoring and developing staff.
• Have extensive knowledge of on-the-ground experience with water and sanitation solutions.
• Have at least 10 years of experience in water, sanitation, and hygiene or similar field, with at least five years of developing country field experience designing and implementing programs.
• Demonstrated success promoting cooperation and collaboration with governmental agencies, private sector and other NGOs.
• Have experience supporting complex relationships and crafting partnerships with a wide range of private, foundation, multi/bilateral donor and public role players.
• Possesses strong analytical and organizational skills.
• Highly numerate.
• Works well in a team.
• Flexible and able to coordinate multiple projects and meet tight deadlines; must be able to work overtime periodically.
• Interpersonal skills and comfort communicating with diverse and international constituents in order to provide excellent customer service.
• High level of attention to detail, self-motivated, and a team player.
• Ability to be a creative thinker, energetic and demonstrate enthusiasm and leadership in this role.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to write, compile and/or edit academic journal-quality documents.
• Demonstrated skills in project design and proposal writing.
• Oral and written Spanish language skills are required.
• Experience and understanding of issues related to Water Resource Management would be an advantage.

• Required: Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field;
• Desired: Master’s Degree in relevant field (international affairs, public health, economics, engineering, etc.).

• Personal computer, telephone, fax machine, copier.
• Advanced computer proficiencies with Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook.
• Experience with statistical software such as SPSS or Stata.

• Ability to travel domestically and internationally to developing countries, where travel is rugged, up to 25% of the time.
• Normal office environment.
• This position is based at Water For People Headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

Note: This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, or qualifications associated with the job.

Contact and Further Information:
It is an exciting time to be a part of a fast paced, innovative organization that’s Changing the Game.

If you are both qualified and Water For People and the global water and sanitation challenge interests you, please send us your resume and cover letter that introduces you to us, and provides insights into both your experiences and how you are the ideal candidate for this position. Also, please let us know how you heard about this position. Resumes and cover letters can be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; please put the job title in the subject line. Please no phone calls or in person inquiries.

Deadline for submitting your application is 5 pm MST, Monday, December 8th.

This is a full time, exempt position with a comprehensive benefits package. Salary is competitive and commensurate with level of experience.

Other great perks of working at our cool office space, which is located at 1-25 and Broadway:

• Free-Parking
• We are right off of a light rail stop
• Food Trucks outside the office daily
• Dog Friendly Workplace

Please note: Water For People cannot sponsor individuals for immigration benefits in this position.]]>
Jobs and internships Fri, 21 Nov 2014 17:54:18 +0000
Re: Short recap of IWA conference on sustainable wastewater treatment and nutrient recovery in Kathmandu - by: JKMakowka Marijn Zandee wrote:

• Grey water separation and decentralized treatment (same for rainwater), is totally feasible. It should be promoted much more “aggressively”.

Separated storm-water sewers with decentralized infiltration are usually discarded because of seemingly much higher costs. However this rarely takes into consideration the larger impacts on the overall water cycle and dropping ground-water tables (and salt-water intrusion in coastal cities).
I think most of the experts agree on this though, it is more of an issue that budget allocation usually goes for the "cheaper" option.

Marijn Zandee wrote:

• The “BAMBi” filter that EAWAG uses in the “blue toilet”, may also find application in greywater treatment systems in many places with space limitations.

This is kind of funny if you know the history behind these gravity driven membrane filters. The system I worked with started out as a creative re-use of UF membranes from waste-water MBRs, was then converted for emergency/low cost drinking water treatment, then EAWAG thought their GDM drinking water treatment system could also be used for treating the wash-water in their toilet... and now it is back at waste-water ]]>
Processing technologies for excreta or faecal sludge Fri, 21 Nov 2014 15:25:00 +0000
Re: Structuring of the fecal sludge market for the benefit of poor households in Dakar, Senegal (ONAS) - optimising faecal sludge emptying, transportation, processing - by: Onasbv

Thank you to find below the link of the Facebook account in french of the Program of Structuring of Fecal Sludge Market for the Benefit of poor households in Dakar (PSMBV).
You are most welcome in our Facebook account and you can find all the informations and the news about the PSMBV inside.

Good reception.

Aissatou BASSE]]>
Enabling environment Fri, 21 Nov 2014 14:17:04 +0000
Re: The Sanitation Ladder - by: Makgatha
In support of the comments submitted by Florian.

Recent developments are that the sanitation ladder should NO longer be viewed in the context of technology, i.e. the ladder being technology prescriptive but rather be based on meeting particular criterion. This will at least make it easy for measuring progress (on sanitation provision) using a standard criteria irrespective of the technology employed in diffferent countries/regions compared.

Find the attached paper for sanitation ladder as currently defined.


Charles Mpho Makgatha
Sanitary Engineering Professional
South Africa]]>
Health, hygiene and disability issues Fri, 21 Nov 2014 11:15:53 +0000
Magazine: Africa Water Sanitation & Hygiene November - December 2014 Vol. 9 No.6 edition now released - by: mwaniki Africa Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

This is the November - December 2014 Vol. 9 No.6 You may view this edition via this link or . You can also download a pdf version via

Comments are welcome.

Kind regards Steven Mwaniki]]>
New publications (books, articles, partner newsletters, journals) Fri, 21 Nov 2014 07:37:32 +0000